Pogorzelica is an intimate village in the northern part of Western Pomerania, located within the protected Natura 2000 areas: "Trzebiatowsko - Kołobrzeski Pas Nadmorski "and" Wybrzeże Trzebiatowskie" (special bird protection area). Pogorzelica is famous for its beautiful beach and unique climate. During the summer season, we will find here peace and quiet place surrounded by the ubiquitous pine forest. For those who prefer active recreation, Pogorzelica has many attractions to offer regardless of the weather.    

The biggest attraction of the arrival to the seaside town is the sea itself, but when the weather is not favourable or we get bored with lying on the beach, Pogorzelica and its surroundings offer a lot of attractions. Belowe you can find the most important of them: 


Sea narrow guide railway

It offers journeys between Trzęsacz and Pogorzelica, stopping at Rewal, Śliwin and Niechorze. This is the largest tourist attraction of the region. Thanks to it, we can easily reach other tourist attractions.



Aquapark at Sandra Spa

It has a lot of water (and not only) attractions both in the summer and winter season. There are several swimming pools, whirlpool bathtubes, slides, saunas, water playground, water foot massage path, hidden jungle for children.




In the area of ​​the holiday resort adjacent to our apartment, there are two outdoor swimming pools with heated water. One of them is designed especially for the youngest (depth 85 cm) visitors. Guests enjoy swimming in the pool as well as sunbathing on the comfortable sun loungers available around the pool.



The trail around the Liwia Łuża Lake  

A green marked tourist route for hiking and cycling. The 9.3 km route leads around the  Liwia Łuża Lake. The lake has an area of ​​about 220 hectares and is an ornithological reserve (migratory birds - especially wild swans).


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Lighthouse in Niechorze

The lighthouse was erected in 1866 and it is one of the most beautiful buildings of this type on the Polish Baltic Sea. The real attraction is the observation deck, from which you can admire the view of the sea and the picturesque surroundings.



Butterfly Room

Butterfly Room at the Lighthouse in Niechorze is a place of freely flying exotic butterflies available at close at is possible. Here rain is not raining, and a tropical aura is guaranteed, so dress lightly and colorfully, and maybe the butterfly will sit on your shoulder.



Multimedia Museum on the cliff

Museum in Trzęsacz in a multimedia version, it has been operating since May 2014. Instead of classic exhibits behind a glass window, we can make an amazing journey in time, possible thanks to presentations with sound, light and image.



The ruins of the church on the cliff in Trzęsacz

The ruins of the church from the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. A mysterious building, or rather its fragments, survived after several centuries of struggles of the temple with a marine element. To date, the last, southern wall of the church, rising on a 20-meter cliff remains. 


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Fairytale Cottage

Fairytale Cottage in Rewal is a real gate to the world of fairy tales, illusion and fear. Only here, in one place visitors have the opportunity to meet Jasia and Małgosia in the forest or enter the room of the Sleeping Beauty. 


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Whale Park

The Whale Park in Rewal is a unique place where children can have fun and learn a lot about life in the seas and oceans. Watching different species of marine animals you can take a closer look at them, because ... they are replicas!



Czahara's stable

Equestrian education center, in which there are 24 horses - both mounts and ponies. Young adepts start their riding lessons on them. Big and well-behaved horses with mild character are waiting for adults.



Walk along the path on the cliff along the coast

Walking along the path on the cliff along the coast between Rewal and Trzęsacz is a great idea to spend time even on a hot day because, part of the route runs with a forest that gives a nice shade. The route is simple and there are many viewpoints along the way.


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Exhibition of a sea narrow guide railway

The main attraction of the exhibition in Gryfice are historic steam locomotives, carriages and goods wagons as well as small railway equipment. You can also see old photographs and learn about the interesting history of Gryfice Commuter Railways. 


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Sea Fisheries Museum in Niechorze

In the Museum, we will learn the history of Pomerania, the traditions of sea fishing and broadly understood maritime culture. Museum exhibitions consist of exhibits obtained from local fishermen and residents.




Stone Country Club golf course

It is located in the picturesque town of Grębowo, 30 km from Pogorzelica. This modern field situated on 65 ha amid a beautiful landscape of forests and meadows attracts not only seasoned players but also amateurs. It's available to everyone, not just Stone Country Club members.



Tennis courts

For tennis enthusiasts we have to offer a tennis court located right next to the apartment, an ideal place for those who prefer active recreation. Also four tennis courts await you, 3 km away from Niechorze.


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Sea Miniature Park

In the Sea Miniature Park in Dziwnów, you can take a walk between the lighthouses of the Polish coast and replicas of locomotives, steam locomotives and railway wagons.



The Pine Bażyna Forrest

The area around Pogorzelica is an area exceptionally rich in natural values. In addition to the proximity of the Liwia Łuża and Bagna Pogorzelickie, there are also extremely valuable and beautiful forests, among others Pine Bażyna Forest.